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Are you frustrated by your child's belonging constantly 'going missing'? Do you get frequent calls from your child's teacher about incomplete assignments? Are you confused and frustrated by your child's inability to 'just sit still'? Are you tired of having to constantly repeat your requests? These and other concerns are frequently experienced by parents of children with ADHD -- a common behavioral disorder that affects about 10% of school-age children. In this workshop, Dr. Ellie Pelc will provide tools to help you understand what your child with ADHD can do and how you can support your child in reaching his or her full potential. You will leave this workshop with an understanding of: current research on the most effectiveADHD treatment options the most effective behavioral goals to target the critical elements of a successful ADHD-focused behavior plan how to implement an effective ADHD-informed behavior management system at home With Dr. Ellie Pelc, Clinical Psychologist
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