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With two locations in San Mateo and Palo Alto, Parents Place is known as the one-stop-shop for all your parenting needs on the Peninsula. Our sought after parenting experts, extensive program for Birth through the 1st Year, and offerings for schools and community organizations are just some of what makes Parents Place on the Peninsula truly special.

Visit us today for parenting workshops, parent coaching and consultation, child behavior and school support, clinical and special needs services, parent/child activity groups, child and family therapy, and much more.

Upcoming Workshops + Events
While children learn to separate from their parents and play in a preschool-like setting, parents discuss the joys and challenges of raising a 2-year old. Topics include (but are not limited to) how twos think, emotional and social development, play and learning, positive discipline, and guidance strategies. With Heidi Emberling, MA, and Danielle Beres, BA.  Fee: $280; fee includes $80 for childcare. Please note: There is no class on Wednesday, 10/12/16 due to the Yom Kippur holiday. thank you. [Parent/Child Activity Groups] [For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool]
Discipline 101: The Power of the Positive During this workshop, you will learn how to use positive discipline to teach your children inner control, nurture their strengths, motivate them to cooperate, and build their self-esteem. With: Bridget Bertrand, MFT. Fee $45.[For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool][For Parents of Elementary School Aged Kids]
Thursday, September 8, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Children get angry in a split second, often leaving parents in total bewilderment and turmoil. We will explore anger, ways to help children regain control of themselves, triggers that precipitate the anger, and typical responses to the anger. With Andrea Travisano, MA. Fee $45. [For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool][For Parents of Elementary School Aged Kids]
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We offer baby groups and private consultations to help new parents with breastfeeding, baby care, sleep issues and post-partum/family adjustment.

Parents Place offers support for all families, including services for children with special needs.

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