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Parents Place of Marin County offers services for all parents–from workshops on all aspects of parenting to individualized services that support each child’s optimal development. We believe that thriving parents build thriving families.

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Learn some great techniques to help your little one—and you!—sleep. We will discuss baby sleep needs and the best ways to help young ones learn good sleep habits. We will cover the importance of a baby schedule, challenges to baby sleep habits (developmental milestones), new SIDS research and guidelines, pros and cons of various sleep methods (Ferber, CIO, low/no-cry methods), infant/child sleep products, and choices: family bed, crib, and room sharing. Pre-crawling babies welcome. With infant sleep expert Sarah Middelton, MA, CD, PCD. [For Expectant & New Parents][For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool]
Is your son always on the go, resisting change or insisting on having things his way? Does your daughter notice everything around her, boss the other kids around at school, or have meltdowns when you take her to the store? Some children are “more,” and learning about their temperament and yours will reduce tensions and increase harmony for the entire family. With Bonnie Romanow, BA, childhood development specialist [For Parents of Infants & Toddlers: Birth through Preschool][For Parents of Elementary School Aged Kids]
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